Hiking Holidays in the Allgäu

Walking in the Bavarian Alps

Most of us live a fast-paced day full of deadlines and time pressure. On holiday, the opposite should prevail: the joy of taking it slowly. To find and feel yourself again. You'll find that hardly any other holiday region is as wonderful as the Allgäu. Because the Allgäu is above all a walkers' paradise. With its various types of landscapes and altitudes, it meets all requirements – whether you're more of a rambler or a mountain enthusiast who wants to top off every day of their summer holiday in Bavaria by conquering a mountain summit.
The AllgäuSternHotel in Sonthofen in the Allgäu literally plays a central role. Sonthofen is located in the middle of the Alpsee-Grünten holiday region which is characterised by its myriad of special programmes and activities. It can be explored as the mood takes you with the Allgäu-Walser-Card which will you be given as our guest. It provides you with discounts for more than 100 partner companies, including lots of mountain railways which will make your path to the summit particularly easy.

Walking Holidays in Germany

Experiencing nature – step by step Walking in the Allgäu, that means relaxing strolls through sunny Alpine meadows with their herbs, flowers and ruminating Allgäu Braunvieh cattle, challenging tours up to the timber line, and even visiting power spots, comfortable chalets and impressive natural wonders. The hiking trail network has been developed in an ideal manner and offers high-class variety in the truest sense of the word. Let yourself walk into an adventure – on your own or with a hiking and mountain guide which we would be happy to organise for you. We promise you: A holiday as relaxing as this is only possible in the charming Allgäu!

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