General terms and conditions

for individual guests at the AllgäuSternHotel

Guest admission conditions

  1. The accommodation agreement is concluded as soon as the room is booked and confirmed or, if confirmation was not possible for reasons of timing, when the room has been made available.
  2. The conclusion of the accommodation agreement obliges the parties to the agreement to fulfil the agreement regardless of the duration for which the agreement has been concluded.
  3. In the case of failure to provide a room, the hotel shall undertake to find an equivalent accommodation or provide compensation to the guest.
  4. The hotel is permitted, in all good faith, to assign reserved rooms which have not been claimed wherever possible in order to avoid losses. Until such reassignment of the room, the guest must pay the amount calculated in accordance with clause 5 for the duration of the agreement.

Cancellation policy

  1. Guests shall be invoiced for 60% of the contractually agreed services in the event of total or partial cancellations of contractually agreed services.  The guest expressly
    retains the right to prove that the hotel has incurred no losses whatsoever or considerably less than 60% of the agreed services. The hotel reserves the right to
    additionally assert claims for any arising losses.

Payment methods

  1. In addition to cash payment, the only the following payment methods are accepted: EC card,
    travellers' cheques and credit cards (Diners Club, Eurocard, American Express and VISA).
    Invoice amounts are not creditable upon departure and must be settled directly.
  2. Oral agreements shall not be made and have no validity. Changes and
    additions must be made in writing. This also applies to the suspension of the
    written form clause. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction is Sonthofen.
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