Terracotta Figur

Hotel foyer

An eye-catcher for arriving guests

The life-size, resting terracotta sculpture, "No. 38", in a kneeling, introverted position on a minimalist pedestal created by Belgian artist Hanneke Beaumont, attracts the attention of arriving guests in a brightly illuminated wall-recess designed for it.

Beaumont's archaic-looking figure poses without gestures or facial expressions in a theatrical attitude and is a vehicle for its individual emotions which vary from isolation, self-reflection, autonomy, stoic heroism and pathos. Its body language implies the moment of self-abandonment and despair without projecting it outwardly. The surface of the body, prepared with virtuoso-expressive textures and the sober, mask-like and androgynous face of the portrayed person generate intensity and suspense – they reflect the loss of identity, lukewarmness and anonymity of society.

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