Couch in Kunstgalerie


Suspenseful dialogue with the wall and room

Riki Mijling's sculptural work creates the room and area through its clear and sublime expression.
In the "Resonance Shape" relief series' strict geometric compositions, alternating closed and open areas refer to one another and enter into a suspenseful dialogue with the wall and room.

Its design in the artist's preferred material, Corten steel, and the different patinated surfaces allow the objects to be experienced optically and haptically. Materiality and the apparent seriousness of the work dissipate in the observer's perception.

The large-size wooden relief "#72" from Madrid-born Francisco Farreras is directly related to Riki Mijling's four-part wall relief. Earthy tones, abstract expression and materiality and vividness are decisive in the striking relief which is made from every day materials, such as cardboard, string and wood. Layered and bundled sequences form bars and panels of fantastical, two-dimensional shapes with impressive gestures. The wood is left in its raw state, distorted by reflective composition with other materials and through creative design within the material. Francisco Farreras’ passion for the dynamic formation process and the modification and development of material connection to this is evident.

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